Undressed by Desire

Velvet seduction of naked skin,
sweet sensation smooth & warm.
flowing, curving, tears of joy
well within her arms & smile.
She seduces me.

I breath in deep & content,
a glowing ember of love flickers merrily,
happily across my evening face.
I dance in skips of joy,
I love her.

A much used phrase
but what choice do I have
but to recount the deliciousness of her naked body?
Slow, careful hands
unfolded clothes which hung on frame of angel tight.

She smiled a spring meadow smile.
Colours of radiance kissing her cheeks of youth.
I love that sight.
She undresses further.
& so I sigh

in golden clasps of tortured delight I want her.
& here she is.
unburdening the prison of her robes. Such joy!
She combs back hair that gentle breezes blow & heart will ache.
Flesh of ear excites & profile stuns.

Her neck of fire awaiting kiss.
Her eyes sparkle,
champagne pools of nervous fun.
Iā€™m ready to pull her close & wrap her tight.
Entranced I am

With curves which lead & flow like rivers sprung from mountain youth,
swirling, curling,
leading me astray & lush.
I trace her body lean,
firm, tender, feminine & my heart erupts.

Girl undressed, she stands there naked
Angel in glasses worn, she smiles.
& pain of man will worship her.
Soothing kiss will wrap there tender prayers across her body.
Fires alight in every pore.

She shines. Oh how she shines!
& this girl will surely be loved!
Allow me love & this girl will sweat & happiness mix with strong desire.
She pleases me.
& all with sight from stunning eyes.

I need her kiss & madness hence then will now begin!
I smile.
& dream.
A fragrant bliss
I wish her naked now before me.

~ just a daydream about a sweet luscious sexy girl I know.
Ā© ed simkins

Polished Beauty

You do make me smile, with you innocent ways! šŸ™‚

Not a care in the world, just stroking your hair!

You remind me of my lover, of someone who died.

You share the same smile and the same crazy ways.

It’s an easy thing to fall in love, though i’m afraid like God it just wont last.

& I’ve cycled to yours & it took many days

I picked up hitchhikers and told them of you.

I told them of your beauty, of the way that you hide

I told them of the wars & the crisis in the seas

The banks that destroy & their undeserved riches

They agreed that the world was fucked & that nothing ever changed

But they liked the idea that to my love i would go, that i would cycle the Earth for someone unknown

That i would break my back & flog my soul, for just a day to be with you

My lover of old would appreciate your madness, enjoy your simplicity & desire your focus.

She would tell when I got there that all I wanted was a kiss, but as a ghost in my head, i’d tell you she lies.

I do like your videos, I do enjoy your talk, & I do love how you conquer the shops of your world

& until the day we meet, which we both know wont happen, truly I love you in the word of a blogger.

& I hope you’re amused by this simple little note, i just wanted to say hi & send what i wrote.

It’s not a story of love nor a fantasy sent, just a smile from a stranger, now innocently lent

so enjoy & enjoy, not often do i write, about someone not met, but just of your joy

Of the image you produce, of the creature i pretend, hello to you stranger, to the ‘you’ at that end.

šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

(c) Ed Simkins

A Wake Up Call With Smiles

morning, morning! – yes an unscheduled surprise! but i just couldn’t resist you & your beautiful eyes!

& yes i’m on your bed and i’m jumping with glee! & yes i’m crazy, so just come dance with me!

why be lazy? why be cute? why lie in bed all zonked and mute?

just look at you in your pyjamas again; you’re definitely now just more than a friend!

& i want to hold your hands and swirl around and bounce and clap to what we’ve found!

for last nights bliss has woken me and set this smile of mine all free!

i’m grinning today, i’m grinning insane! your sexy body has frazzled my brain!

i’ll not describe each pleasure enjoyed, or even the teasing & NOT the toys!

you made me laugh, you made me giggle, i REALLY loved the way you wriggled!

to music loud and laughter light, I really hope for another night!

but today my dream, the sun is up & yes my love, your coffee cup

is ready waiting with toast and jam, because in love with you I really am!

and smiles and teeth are the things i show, to make you see that love has grown

and today in all this open time, i’ll enjoy you girl, for you are mine!

so wakey wakey! get out of bed! let me kiss that weary, delicious head

that scrumptious skull of fantasy, with darling eyes that smile at me!

so good morning, good morning! what a day we’ve got! & despite the winter, you know it’s HOT!

so these hugs of mine are thrown and caught, & i’ll tell you now it’s you i’ve sought!

šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ such is the dream of…hApPiNeSs šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

(c) Ed Simkins

Norwegian Bikini

It’s taken all afternoon to conquer the small land of Norway,

With those girls in the pool & the fire in the sky.

Each cloud is a conquest, riding high on the wall.

When the telephone whispers and the white lights appear

I see who has called and it’s no-one at all

Just a dream in a mirror, of a memory formed.

Out on the vista’s from the weights and the windows,

I look down on the girls in their skimpy bikinis

Swimming and laughing and combing their hair.

The one in the ribbons, collected my sight

And gave me visions of a beauty, undressed in the night

And her body was naked and perfectly formed.

& as i browse through the mountains & drink up the colours

I hold her in passion and with hands on her waist

I feel how to tease & explore sacred land

& with a smile that broadens and turns to the pictures

I kiss and seduce her, with a desire now engaged

& lie in her beauty, fire wall horizon

So her name is unknown & her address it is further,

This princess is a love ghost & one i posess

& like the sun in my photos, i feel her young love caress

Yet with the fall of the sun, she climbs out the water

And her arms are around me like the winds of today

And her head it does rest, and my arms do surrender

For this princess in my pictures, this angel in my dreams

This siren who doesn’t know me, this lady who gleams

She is my Norway! & She is my girl!

(c) Ed Simkins

To laugh or to Smile

To laugh or to smile? – I’m undecided!

You see…

Be it the gun in your hand or the look on your face, I love how you stalk me from my work to my place,

& you’re a funny girl just like cute Taylor Swift; a rebellious lover & a beautiful gift

You know how to fight, you know how to play. You know how to deliver a spiritual bouquet!

So why point that thing straight up at me, when you know that i’ll kiss you without a need for a plea?

You know that I’ll bow & I’ll hug and I’ll chase, You know you’re my girl, my own mental case.

& You’re lipstick is perfect, my favourite delight. I breathe you in and my god, I’m Buddha tonight!

I am laughing my girl, & it’s true that I am! You’re a princess you see, just look at this man!

But seriously Delia, you gotta put down that gun. That pistol with vengeance is teasing no-one!

Sigh – for you hold me, your nails entwine, & your hair is approaching & your senses are mine.

Will you kiss me again with that look on your face? Or you likely to shoot me, paint hate on my face?

But now that you’re grinning, I’m feeling alive & wondering my love if you’ll keep me alive!

You’re playful & teasing & naughty my rogue, & your cute little mannerisms, completely in vogue

With you I’m in love though you still hold that gun, & you wont give it back til you’ve milked it just some!

So an impasse it seems between true love & hate, & I wonder Dear Reader, what you’d write down as fate?

For us to be one and a happy dream in your mind, or just a fucked up mess, another fantasy resigned.

–Ā  I wonder.

(c) Ed Simkins