Late Night Dreaming

I wonder what its like to wake up with someone dear
To hold them & giggle, or to just fall in love
Again, like you did the night before.
To walk in places with the eyes of the young
When her smile warms up the golden sun
& her laughter is music which sings all day.

I wonder what taste is a kiss filled with tears when love is all too great
When her eyes are sobbing & loving & the pain engulfs you in a wonder so tall
That the power of her passion fulfills you with love
& sets fire to your soul for you know she’s the one.
Or she winks at you in pleasure & tickles your heart
With the softness of her pleasure & stirs up such excitement
Which conquers all of time & turns it into fragrant flowers.

I wonder the sensation of holding a hand, a tale of youth
Which glides, entwines & forces such sweet smiles
A hand that is always there, a hand that always cares
Stroking & supporting, pulling you close, leading you in
& then those dreams of her sweet lips, a mad midnight, a sacred kiss
Fun fallacy of hope from her & wild whispers of luscious love.

& I wonder the nature of her being, when the world is shared in enjoyment seen
Fun games & parties, silly tricks & dance
Rooms full of makeup, clothes & belongings.
Clutter in the new world where sanity once prevailed
The combs to her cute curls, the purses to her heart
Holders of her sweet dreams, keys to your front door.

& I wonder what I’d experience if love once more ensnared
Appetite for destruction or the making of a great man?
Lost in a heartache or the sanity of new bliss?
For dreams that I have now, shared with another
Fallen in love & headstrong romance
I wonder if all dreams, all crazed fantasies, would wonder of love as well.

~ late night dreaming indeed. A heavy night of too much bad thought.
© ed simkins