Norwegian Bikini

It’s taken all afternoon to conquer the small land of Norway,

With those girls in the pool & the fire in the sky.

Each cloud is a conquest, riding high on the wall.

When the telephone whispers and the white lights appear

I see who has called and it’s no-one at all

Just a dream in a mirror, of a memory formed.

Out on the vista’s from the weights and the windows,

I look down on the girls in their skimpy bikinis

Swimming and laughing and combing their hair.

The one in the ribbons, collected my sight

And gave me visions of a beauty, undressed in the night

And her body was naked and perfectly formed.

& as i browse through the mountains & drink up the colours

I hold her in passion and with hands on her waist

I feel how to tease & explore sacred land

& with a smile that broadens and turns to the pictures

I kiss and seduce her, with a desire now engaged

& lie in her beauty, fire wall horizon

So her name is unknown & her address it is further,

This princess is a love ghost & one i posess

& like the sun in my photos, i feel her young love caress

Yet with the fall of the sun, she climbs out the water

And her arms are around me like the winds of today

And her head it does rest, and my arms do surrender

For this princess in my pictures, this angel in my dreams

This siren who doesn’t know me, this lady who gleams

She is my Norway! & She is my girl!

(c) Ed Simkins