Death in The Snow

I was scared that time would drive her away, this ghost i met on snow filled day

a challenge drawn between two friends, a distant smile that seemed to end

i called her name, reply not made, seems death had brought it’s famous grave

to bury any stint of love, by destruction, pull and fatal shove

when others entered & spread their lies, i knew that person’s friendship ties

were stronger and deeper than any fact; a web of hatred across my tract

for when approach was lonely done, no sight revealed the golden sun,

and so that girl with dreams and fears, retracted footsteps and stalked with spears

her eyes did burn and her mouth turned sour, alone i was in that mortal hour

the final pain began to flow, when laughing witch did cackle so

she saw her power, she knew the scent, of a fear induced where love was meant

she pointed at wondered beast that roared, and smiled in solemn victory of course

that fake princess, her silken whip, her deceit revealed from bum to lip

my fault of course, i turned to see, those salacious curves of destiny

but fate is cruel, my death was known & God’s fixed hatred a long time sown

& so i lie in falling white, a bitter end in frozen night

i cry no more for my end is here, the perk of this no final tear

a huddled lump, i lie in snow, a buried fool for you to know.

(c) Ed Simkins

A Memory Sparked

the ten o’clock deadline approaches so fast, i haven’t had time yet to bring up the past

a day full of tears, of giggles and screams, of laughter and pleasure and plenty of dreams

so just a short tale tonight i will share, & maybe you wont, but maybe you’ll care

a girl in the gym approached me so slow, wearing a face of someone i know

she made eyes enlarge and grinned out my face, and danced her way over that testosterone place

she made me giddy with her hair in a tail, her skin of desire, a white shade of pale

i asked her no name and she planted a kiss, and for the last few hours, i tell you i miss

her sweet tender looks, her gentle complexion, her warm sense of style, her curious affection

for she held out her hand and she asked me to dance, and i wondered right then if this was my chance

to find my princess, to acquire my girl, to find the true beauty, the One in this world

so we stood for a moment and i looked in her smile, & i tell you my friends, twas a heavenly while

til she opened her lips and revealed her teeth, an ivory set pristine underneath

& the love in the room lit up like a fire, & as i took in her beauty i began to perspire

and this made us laugh and it made us both grin & we smiled once more & then once again

and as i sit here tonight, and i know she’s asleep, her memory is etched in my mind very deep

so good night good bless, who ever you are, know that i see you on tonight’s golden star.

(c) Ed Simkins

Death Of Love

Pictures and photos and bodies remain. the love of a life has gone.

the blood is dried and the knives are down. the fighting’s over.

I love you.

but you killed yourself.

& it never made sense to me.

I see you lying there. unclothed and perfect. smiling. laughing. giggling and teasing.

my tears fall.

for no longer are you there.  but memory falls. & memory cries.

no comfort. no ease. no joyous victory.

just death. & silence. & the unforgiving anger you left me with.

You’re a girl who lost herself & died.

& i ask you. who was it easier for?

Not i who remains to lay the petals down each night. Not i who sees the ghosts you leave behind.

I love you. I love you!!!!!

But silent hand has taken you. Your own life ended. & another day. no pain.

at least for you. at least for you.

& i look deeply, longingly into your vanished eyes & god i wish you were here!

i miss you!

…i miss you…

& my heart is heavy with the pain and the foolishness and the stupidity of someone who survives. of someone who dreams and longs and wants and breathes. & would i take your place?

How do I exist without you? Now that you lie within a bed of stone.

& i am sick of this!

& unlike you….it just wont go away.

my tears roll & the full moon stares back.

& it cares nothing for the end of love.

Passion In Asking

Time to write a thought & send it to the outside world

Pretend I’m listened to, pretend I’m heard.

But inside this little old cave, I’m freezing and I’m dying slow,

Not that anyone cares, not that they even know.

It seems to me that I should stand aside

& hope that darkness takes over, my own landside

One that crumbles my worries & dissipates my fears

But then that has never happened for all these years

You scream at me to tell the world what i really think

& yet i’m that ill, that i sway on death’s brink.

If you were a friend, would you hold me close?

If you were my father, would you top the dose?

& in my dreams, were you a love that I knew so well

Would you be the one to whom my secret I sell?