Bone and meat and frozen hands. these are the things that surround tonight.

a stone age cave with stone age man, wearing blankets to escape the dread.

i walked the miles and climbed the hills and saw the world outside.

whilst now inside i find myself curtained off and blue.

the lights are out and music plays, the orange flame has died.

so what news is brought, what events occur, aside a cycled thought of fun.

well none my friends, for day remains a quiet place of salvage

– such are Saturdays in this modern world.

with broken neck I axed a tree and placed it several times,

quarry dug and in mud i slid, the money of the farmers collected.

oh and dreams explored in morning light, such that memory forgets.

upon the cave wall in Lascaux, did i scribe my apparitions!

taylor swift did lie beside and talk to me of hiding,

her make up gone and she was born, a naked face was pleasing,

my father stopped a WW1 arrest as german soldiers came pounding

& civil war enactment brought distress without a gun

a horse requested, a chain was broke, a village unseen by death

i awoke to find that eight hours had passed and the star outside was shining.

& now i wonder how to conquer night, when all i know is frozen.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ today in the life of me.