Undressed by Desire

Velvet seduction of naked skin,
sweet sensation smooth & warm.
flowing, curving, tears of joy
well within her arms & smile.
She seduces me.

I breath in deep & content,
a glowing ember of love flickers merrily,
happily across my evening face.
I dance in skips of joy,
I love her.

A much used phrase
but what choice do I have
but to recount the deliciousness of her naked body?
Slow, careful hands
unfolded clothes which hung on frame of angel tight.

She smiled a spring meadow smile.
Colours of radiance kissing her cheeks of youth.
I love that sight.
She undresses further.
& so I sigh

in golden clasps of tortured delight I want her.
& here she is.
unburdening the prison of her robes. Such joy!
She combs back hair that gentle breezes blow & heart will ache.
Flesh of ear excites & profile stuns.

Her neck of fire awaiting kiss.
Her eyes sparkle,
champagne pools of nervous fun.
I’m ready to pull her close & wrap her tight.
Entranced I am

With curves which lead & flow like rivers sprung from mountain youth,
swirling, curling,
leading me astray & lush.
I trace her body lean,
firm, tender, feminine & my heart erupts.

Girl undressed, she stands there naked
Angel in glasses worn, she smiles.
& pain of man will worship her.
Soothing kiss will wrap there tender prayers across her body.
Fires alight in every pore.

She shines. Oh how she shines!
& this girl will surely be loved!
Allow me love & this girl will sweat & happiness mix with strong desire.
She pleases me.
& all with sight from stunning eyes.

I need her kiss & madness hence then will now begin!
I smile.
& dream.
A fragrant bliss
I wish her naked now before me.

~ just a daydream about a sweet luscious sexy girl I know.
© ed simkins

Young Girl Cries

Punctuated tears stain her dress. I reach out my heart to hold her so.
Blossom of youthful pain rolls down; her delicate cheeks quiver & cry.
I love her so; I long to hold, but how?!
She stands there naked within my perverted mind,
But no she’s clothed, & beautiful, alluring, weak.
Defenceless scars shiver across her cheeks as the rain pours down.
I’d hold her close but can’t. I search her face…
Her eyes…
Her lips…
Her trembles pour forth man’s primeval help
& my jokes & words are spent in need.
Breathing slows as pain subsides; a waiting tide of ocean norm.
Her pale face warms & melts my steely heart
Her eyes are puffed, her face still worn
From battle lost with upright sense.
I stand there glad I saw her slip.
Her sweet face uncovered, her beauty bare
To eyes which seek, which gaze upon.
I made her smile, I told her things,
I talked of nonsense & brought her round
Nice man deeds & honour bound
Golden points won but I walked away,
From conversation of tasteful, peaceful, sweet victory.
Words of relations I seek unknown
Were hailed as stories exchanged of weekend sown
En face I, the chivalrous knight,
Behind the mask, affronted king.
Such are men in lives we lead
That none will know the tales we tell
Our dreams which seduce, our naked vice
To the fronts we wear in social lives.

~ on saving a beautiful girl in pain. I cheered her up, but how I wanted to seduce her too!
© ed simkins

The Blissful Joy Of Watching You

Climb on to my bed and dance. That’s it – laugh girl!
I like your smiles! You make me grin!
You make me want to do things with you in my devious head.
Can I take you? Play you and make you sigh?
But let’s concentrate! – let’s just watch you jump & sing.
You’re crazy!
& I love you for it!
My bed rolls as you bounce and the mattress springs as you explode in childish delight.
I’d seek your pleasure in other ways. But then we’re just friends; We’re just having fun.
Without the flesh.
So continue & I won’t interrupt. Beside’s you’re too fresh, too innocent and having too much fun to spoil with the pleasures that evolve behind this gentlemanly mask.
But look at you.
Your simple, tectonic thighs, smooth skin that parts and calls my name.
Or so I imagine.
& your belly button – how cute is that? How can it be?
But it captures me & the firmness of your stomach aches for fingers to explore and clothes to rip.
Would my hands massage those tender feminine muscles of yours?
That slim figure of yours with curves that kill.
But I’m still smiling, watching – & I haven’t touched you…
I need you to fall over. To collapse on me.
So keep the music loud and dance for me.
Writhe and squirm and tease this guy who’s fallen for you. Within.
& remain unaware of the secret which grows.
I cusp you, caress you & all you do is giggle. You’re so close to kiss.
But then we’re just friends. & I can hold your hand and pretend your smoothness doesn’t do anything.
I keep the lie behind my lips.
My mind is well controlled. No need to scare you.
You the girl who’s happiness pleases me so.
But how, how I want to stroke you.
Pleasure you.
See you fall in love with me.
God! – That human needs should ache for a friend who knows not the truth which rages deep behind these excited eyes.
You’d better go! I’ll see you another day.
For if you stay…
Oh, if you stay!…
Then a woman shall I make of you!
& my dreams begin.

~ thinking of that delightful, sweet tender girl who stimulates my heart.

© ed simkins

Unseen by You.

The numbness of your thoughts.

Lips which speak of other men & break

The dreams I hold within, behind this mask.

I feel the pain.

I sink to feet.

My fire burns but no smoke seen – you cannot see.

You have no clue this love I hold; I yearn for you.

A ghost I am. Mischievous, amusing, blind & drunk.

You ignore me so. It kills.

You slit my wrists with paine of childish dismissal.

Fourteen again & treated so.

You hold my hand. But to you this is jest, not love for me.

You take my name & throw it round the rooms we play.

I long for you.

But you run right past.

I smile for you.

A fool. His muse.

I feel the weariness of love appear & conquer me.

& Numbness holds.

I want you.

I wish you knew.

That other man whose name you brandish like golden finds, what care he for you?


– Nothing.

But I my friend. I my smiling pretty, goofy, unashamed in ignorance, blissful girl,

I adore.

The softness of your touch which melts my skin & drains my brain in mush for you.

Or that waist which calls & screams for my hands to be emboldened & take you there.

Undress your clothes & sense the silkiness of your curves alone.

I long for you.

& though my kisses would range from slow to hunger, your smile would I confess each day fuels my mind.

But you talk of him!

As if god were more important than the joys of someone close who worships you.

You’re killing me!

& I see you do not care or know.

You put me down in words of jest & compete in ways with me that time will test.

Another touch of hand.

Warm, smooth, innocent ecstasy. A frivolous desire.

I burn for you; a crimson fire.

You push me far, & I can’t break through!

I m drunk in the words I write for you.

I wish that girl could love or kiss

Then aching yearning would I miss & dreams fulfilled.

Snuggled up with naked child who smiled.

I dream of you.

Perhaps one day you’ll call for me instead.

~ On being with my girl. She speaks but does not see.

© ed simkins

White Virgin Bride

Beauty stands. White room, white lace.
My virgin bride. Her nervous heart.
Behind the windows of my sight & soul, tears well for passion found.
I seek to love. But love will not be touched. Not yet.
She stands alone & cautiously I worship her.
My eyes are silken hands which caress her sensual skin.
– Her golden cheeks, her perfect face. The lips I seek to kiss & taste.
Red roses bask in heaven’s surround.
No need for God.
Lady flirts with nature’s tailor.
& succulent perfumed perfection formed.
I speak no sound. I break no rules. I love her deeply, never touch her soul.
I wait. & watch. I bide my time.
This girl too rich in such sweet delights.
I idolise. I dream & wait.
Each second past in warmth affection, age will haunt & death walk close.
Stillness encapsulates the frozen image of her female form.
I smile a fool, victory in admiration.
I know she’ll walk. I know she’ll run.
But like a fly of love trapped on beauty’s web,
I’m too scared to twitch in case she bites.
Or screams & nightmares start & terror fills my naked heart.
I love her.
So I remain a ghost to her
I watch in soft delicate desire.
A slow approach, slow kiss, slow love.
My moments of bliss trapped in time.
Still beauty smiles & I collapse in love,
A passion surges through this broken heart.

~ A secret which I keep stirs in peaceful times. A heart of love full for her.

© ed simkins

I look at your face

& I think.
Can I undress you? Wrap you in soft blanket?
All scarlet & fluffy, all warm & all sunny.
For My girl, I would hold you so near,
& stroke teasingly, gently, your precious sweet ear
& Caress lovingly your hair with a manner so fair
For your curls & your whispers that flow & which ebb,
With desire & affection entwined in love’s web,
& those petals of love which glow on your cheeks,
& your cute little nose which my fingers do seek,
I’d glide over features around curves of the night,
Your sexy little dimples which stoke up delight.
& as you smile & I burn, sensations will roar,
For I look at your face & my passion wants more.
The gentlest skin, your hue of red fire,
I long to caress, to pause & admire.
Such happy lips that the world has yet seen,
My dreams of ivory that leads me within.
I would hold you & cup you, & then tracing your lip,
As your eyes they do sparkle & my heart it does slip,
You smile & you giggle & I rip out my heart
& I place it before you, for it’s all but a start.
You see I hold you in worship, for I know that it’s right,
Your hands on my shoulders when my breathing is tight.
So giddy you are, so perfect & true,
No idea about love, no idea I see you.
We pause in brief moments & alive I exist
Holding & kicking for this moment to persist.
I could kiss you, I could love you, I could worship & more.
I could tell you I love you – That I need you and more!
That I live in that moment, that I pray for the next.
For who wants to live life as a titanic wreck?
So I say that I’m sorry but I love you too much.
I would read you my poems & I’d strive for your touch.
I’d tell you of passion, of my dreaming’s for you.
& I tell that my readers, these strangers so true,
Are witness to love that I have for sweet grace,
& a measure of the feeling that I have from your face,
Yours which smiles & laughs & joys & entraps,
I love you sweet angel,
I love you.
Read that.

~ Her face. I just love her face!

© Ed Simkins

Stolen Laughter & Suicide.

Passion left.

Waving goodbye to the shadows behind.

& Perpetual Pain.

They say grow up.

& now I’m old.

Things don’t change too quickly.

I feel the time

Which echoes around.

The walls remain my silent friends.

Doors are shut & the curtains drawn.

I cannot go out.

My mind drags me back.

Mental frustration explodes as the world laughs out

& I sit & hide. In here.

Once I was god. But now a broken wreck.

I see your face. & friends persist.

But the long hours of solitude emphasise

The defeat I hold as mine.

Sure, crowd me in a room & watch me fall.

Watch me run or see me crack.

& you will know that I am still, a broken man.

The world still hates me & I regret

The illusions that I once believed in.

I spend my time just waiting. Dying. Thinking.

I cannot achieve, I cannot work.

I cannot accomplish nor concentrate.

Perhaps you only see me as a lazy son of bitch.

But I have a job & I know some folk quite well.

But no-one knows the secret darkness into which I crash & burn.

My mind is heavy & I’m tired now.

The smiles you see are aggrandised self delusions.

Dreams into which I sink my mind. Focus some say.

& I am better when I do not think.

But then I awake. & breathe.

& the pain comes back.

& the cycle repeats.

Yes, I wish I could be.

An island of tranquility.

~ An Honest Letter & enough said.

© Ed Simkins

The girl with yellow hair


Smile & you’ll see the face of two darling strangers running, playing.

Quick! There they go! Hurry, catch them! Running & falling in love quicker than I can ever write!

& Oh the joy of how they skip, two lovers run.

I want their beauty captured, their time immortalised,

Set the sun. Capture it. Frame it! Place the faces of the young all over the walls and watch the darkness turn back in time.

That pretty girl in youth in full state of charming grace, a strong man of words her chosen fate.

They smile.  & Still you need to watch their faces burn!

Flowers in the streets & corridors of colour. Simple echos of sounds of silent laughter.

They pause & turn, his hand stops hers.

Firm & right, her wrist is small. Their veins pulsate, their breathe resists.

& Within her eyes he says a shortened word, her face reacts with a blood red hue.

& this is love!

Yes, this is fantasy and dreams and bounds & screams of youth. This is freedom!

This is escape!

Her golden hair the daffodils friend. Her pure white cheeks, her crimson lips.

There’s no need for kiss though man would seek. Their secret radiance intensifies.

Her shining dress, her blacked gown, a floral princess in summer’s dance.

But shush!.

Quiet. The crowds are back!

Girl and boy do gaze and part & watching them; a beating a heart.

This girl is mine, though she says no name.

& I watch her.

& smile.

(c) Ed Simkins

~ A secret girl inspires

Secret Eyes

I love the fact that your turn your head to see me.

Each time you smile, & without acknowledgement to the crowd around us, i die a happy death!

I can never decide if I should come across & kiss you. to show you how i feel. to make that mistake.

I know that I’m not allowed. but how easily i could & i would & …oh! 🙂

It’s a simple truth that your beauty radiates through the cold, still room. & no-one notices.

No-one But i.

& How, how I love our secret! How I love to whisper discreet impositions into your angelic, delicate little ear.  How i’d love to stroke your hair, uncurl it and tease you & hold you. & more.

But it’s a secret I hold to. I must.

& I’ll gladly watch you. I’ll kiss your smile each time you look at me.

Each time you wink. Each time you motion a soft phrase of delight and send it my way.

One day you’ll say ‘please’ & then a king, your king, will i be.

Oh how those tender eyes tell me that story & how i dream upon your gaze!

How I dream!

(c) Ed Simkins