Perfect Contentment.

Sleep consumes me.
A beautiful dream.
I close my eyes my dear.
Dreams flutter like stars in the naked sky.
Breathing in.
Gentle air flows through veins.
The body dies.
Ash upon a morning breeze.
Spirit soars as the ancient body descends.
Slumbers. Snores. Wallows deeply in the mud.
I cannot stand.
I cannot move.
My pulsing heart the only sign of life.
My mind connects.
& wanders.
I do not seek. I do not want. I close my world to human needs.
I see her face.
Illusion through the sleep?
Or lust for a face so delicate, so warm?
I desire.
& in that moment my heart quickens.
It smiles. In eager anticipation.
A new drug found.
New delusion. I drift into gentle sleep.
& I am happy.

~ I fell asleep in Yoga tonight! A dream, a face, appeared as I went under.

© Ed Simkins

Sitting On the Bottom of the Pool

there i watch my friends tumble, fall, a dereliction of a friendship past.

the children play and sing and scream, laughter explodes in bubbles blown

the water splashed and crystal clear, the perfect time to escape it all.

diving taught and bellies red, funny howls as the world goes by.

people from a distant place, those who know my childish youth,

they point and judge and recall a time, recount a broken party held

olden’s question and forget the past, an empty room where memory fades.

& all the time i sit and wonder, why i left her grave alone.

my tears merged as water surrounds. but though my love exists no more,

my children play, they dance and smile and fart and burp!

and ridiculous accents sing in waterfalls of heat.

i look at them and see a future unknown,

i wish for wealth of love or joy or famous words & actions made in happy world

they look at me, an uncle dude, a climbing frame who twirls them round.

we sit and hug and hold on kindly, we walk and laugh, we talk and think

in moments when we sit on down, the world is peaceful, a king with crown,

the pain of life is a quiet shore

and the darkness fades as the light pours forth.

~ my mind stops thinking when my nephews play

(c) Ed Simkins

Polished Beauty

You do make me smile, with you innocent ways! 🙂

Not a care in the world, just stroking your hair!

You remind me of my lover, of someone who died.

You share the same smile and the same crazy ways.

It’s an easy thing to fall in love, though i’m afraid like God it just wont last.

& I’ve cycled to yours & it took many days

I picked up hitchhikers and told them of you.

I told them of your beauty, of the way that you hide

I told them of the wars & the crisis in the seas

The banks that destroy & their undeserved riches

They agreed that the world was fucked & that nothing ever changed

But they liked the idea that to my love i would go, that i would cycle the Earth for someone unknown

That i would break my back & flog my soul, for just a day to be with you

My lover of old would appreciate your madness, enjoy your simplicity & desire your focus.

She would tell when I got there that all I wanted was a kiss, but as a ghost in my head, i’d tell you she lies.

I do like your videos, I do enjoy your talk, & I do love how you conquer the shops of your world

& until the day we meet, which we both know wont happen, truly I love you in the word of a blogger.

& I hope you’re amused by this simple little note, i just wanted to say hi & send what i wrote.

It’s not a story of love nor a fantasy sent, just a smile from a stranger, now innocently lent

so enjoy & enjoy, not often do i write, about someone not met, but just of your joy

Of the image you produce, of the creature i pretend, hello to you stranger, to the ‘you’ at that end.

🙂 🙂 🙂

(c) Ed Simkins

Goddess, Beauty, Enchantress

Ah my funny little dream! My smiling giddy fantasy! My wicked delight!

& there you were!!!!

A pleasure so tormenting that only a gent could die in such a happy way!

& again i smile! Gleefully! Simply! Like a four year old child with a heartwarming secret!

For what do i care, or any man alive when beauty forms, not in paintings by stupendous artists of old, nor buildings by architects of heaven, nor even that of green nature in which i tend to joy in escape.

No! Not this simple self-satisfied, smug of superficiality. Oh No!

This heavenly ecstasy in base delight stems simply & stunningly from the firm, smooth curves of an angel unknown!

& apologies rendered & many and served to the joy of my female friends across this crazy world, but any man will surely rejoice!

For curves are dangerous, beautiful things! Joyous pleasures! Sweet drugs from heaven that fall within our eyes!

& who am i but a simple man. a lowly, base descendent of a ancient procreating humanoid. Who am I to deny my fate?

& my happiness! – even if it be so superficial!

Ah, but in beauty of a lady born, an angel with wings and a body that screams in devilish ecstasy, who am i to deny my joy!?

If a Girl is beauty in curved perfection, then i am but a servant to this intoxication!

& again…i smile.


(c) Ed Simkins