Polished Beauty

You do make me smile, with you innocent ways! 🙂

Not a care in the world, just stroking your hair!

You remind me of my lover, of someone who died.

You share the same smile and the same crazy ways.

It’s an easy thing to fall in love, though i’m afraid like God it just wont last.

& I’ve cycled to yours & it took many days

I picked up hitchhikers and told them of you.

I told them of your beauty, of the way that you hide

I told them of the wars & the crisis in the seas

The banks that destroy & their undeserved riches

They agreed that the world was fucked & that nothing ever changed

But they liked the idea that to my love i would go, that i would cycle the Earth for someone unknown

That i would break my back & flog my soul, for just a day to be with you

My lover of old would appreciate your madness, enjoy your simplicity & desire your focus.

She would tell when I got there that all I wanted was a kiss, but as a ghost in my head, i’d tell you she lies.

I do like your videos, I do enjoy your talk, & I do love how you conquer the shops of your world

& until the day we meet, which we both know wont happen, truly I love you in the word of a blogger.

& I hope you’re amused by this simple little note, i just wanted to say hi & send what i wrote.

It’s not a story of love nor a fantasy sent, just a smile from a stranger, now innocently lent

so enjoy & enjoy, not often do i write, about someone not met, but just of your joy

Of the image you produce, of the creature i pretend, hello to you stranger, to the ‘you’ at that end.

🙂 🙂 🙂

(c) Ed Simkins