The Game of Hate

Her murderous hand swam with blood
Husband’s brain mangled now
Nights scream echoes loud
Spattered rain fills the room.

Jury laughed and sent her down
Sixteen years for swollen dreams
Hunted prisons & tortured wives
Empty lives swallowed whole.

The night he died he said he loved
He praised the lord & pushed her down
Unzipped his pants & unbuckled belt
Broke her jaw in fists of rage

Her children cried and ran away
Council homes, forgotten lives
Streets alone & broken glass
Feral thoughts, their name unknown

She fell to floor & hit her head
Volcanic pain which flashed on through
Screamed & charged & mist of red
Husband downed with statue new

She sits around in broken home
The silence of the tv on
Numbed, destroyed she carries on
Blood which trickles & clots her mind

~ what’s right or wrong I do not know.
© ed simkins

The Fight

Blood stains your angry face
A sensual kiss which rips your lips.
Frustrated hair evokes such rage
Terror fills your eyes and cries.

Soft pause in a heated room.

& then attack once more.

Your vicious words cuts my heart with shards of angst
What makes you hate with such aplomb?
What causes these deeds of evil?
& how can I respond in kind reply?

We wait upon the floor in weariness
But then you speak again

& the hate & anger comes pouring forth
Blood red spit comes shooting out
& your teeth snarl in rage
Grinding stones of torture tear the world apart

A final show down, an illusion played out
& all the mirrors shatter in crying shame
We hear the drums of lust but you fear the name
& slash my throat with fingers once loved in night.

Cold sweat bends & falls
No way to escape the room alive but think

Love erupts in cutting ways
Torn clothes & battered faces
Destruction known to man & girl
& so Love it stabs at hopeful heart

Exhausted faces weep in shame
Bedraggled whimpers sigh slowly across the field of doom.
House & home, so still & worn
Lovers sleep in closing arms.

~ when she drives you mad! 😛
(c) ed simkins 2015

All the Fun of Christmas!

It’s Christmas! – So one of us had to die!

It just so happened that you were the first, that i was the one to try!

It was in the moment that you lied, that you turned to me and the falsehood came out

It was the crazed decision of yours which provoked me to shout

& raise up on high & swipe down with scissors

& leave bloody holes & red spattered fissures.

But hey, my darling, lets look at the facts

– You’re a liar, a cheater, a bitch who attacks!

But I hear what you think, it’s still but ten on Christmas Eve

Maybe I should have just asked you politely to leave.

But seriously my love, when you wind me up with a lie

What else do you expect me to do. except to let fly?

– To stop those remarks, to stop your deciet

To halt you for thrashing me into…absolute defeat.

You see, & I say in my defence, that ‘I love you my darling!’ yet you call me a clown

That all today’s presents and gifts & my thoughts, they just simply let you down!

Now why would you do that? I mean for God’s sake, it’s Christmas day!

Why couldn’t you just shut up & listen to what I had to say!

Just for a moment, just for a change

Allow me to love you without it feeling strange.

But i guess that can’t happen now, it seems I’ve finally called the shots

& an end to to the misery, your lies and your plots!

& I’ll hold you my dear, I’ll hold you til they come!

I’ll tell them everything, I’ll describe what you done.

I’ll tell them of the anguish and everything as above,

& I’ll tell them how you treated me and how you ridiculed my love.

& they’ll agree with me, of that I’m sure, but not that I care,

That your blood on these scissors

on Christmas

was fair!

© Ed Simkins