Choices Are Made

minutes tick past and the child is unborn.

ropes and buttons and machines lie around.

the parents are angry, maybe they killed,

they didn’t care, didn’t know, Christ, they didn’t deserve.

i stand there and watch and i watch her rejoice

that a life filled with hatred is a lucky escape.

she looked up to me and questioned my position,

& i replied in soft whispers, & told her i agreed.

for what use is a parent who argues and lies,

ones without brains that adds no formation,

cannot answer a challenge, or be there with such smiles,

& like death in a shroud, i lifted the baby,

i took her outside and i showed her the clouds.

i showed her the droplets & i showed her the land,

i tickled and she giggled, she laughed and she learned,

she picked up a book and together we read.

we watched the stars and the planets, and traveled the world,

we made money and ate, sung badly and danced.

she learned how to cook and she played all the games,

she bought a new camera & photographed her life,

she fell in love and made love to a beautiful man.

then one day in winter, i took her back home,

we stood by her parents and stared in their eyes.

she asked them of their struggle and questioned them why,

for why burdens were passed, whey they continued to hate,

why they had unhealthy babies, and buried her with such fate.

she walked away slowly, and left a picture of her own,

of a child of her own, who she loved and she praised,

of one who was clever because she’d given her such time,

that her love and her brains and imagination did grow,

that the cycle was broken and a human was born,

who was perfect in ways that no-one could foresee,

& all just because,  i took the decision to stand in

& i ask of the world, & of the god who stands by

when will these humans learn to teach life.

~ After spending a day entertaining my nephews 🙂

(c) Ed Simkins


A Memory Sparked

the ten o’clock deadline approaches so fast, i haven’t had time yet to bring up the past

a day full of tears, of giggles and screams, of laughter and pleasure and plenty of dreams

so just a short tale tonight i will share, & maybe you wont, but maybe you’ll care

a girl in the gym approached me so slow, wearing a face of someone i know

she made eyes enlarge and grinned out my face, and danced her way over that testosterone place

she made me giddy with her hair in a tail, her skin of desire, a white shade of pale

i asked her no name and she planted a kiss, and for the last few hours, i tell you i miss

her sweet tender looks, her gentle complexion, her warm sense of style, her curious affection

for she held out her hand and she asked me to dance, and i wondered right then if this was my chance

to find my princess, to acquire my girl, to find the true beauty, the One in this world

so we stood for a moment and i looked in her smile, & i tell you my friends, twas a heavenly while

til she opened her lips and revealed her teeth, an ivory set pristine underneath

& the love in the room lit up like a fire, & as i took in her beauty i began to perspire

and this made us laugh and it made us both grin & we smiled once more & then once again

and as i sit here tonight, and i know she’s asleep, her memory is etched in my mind very deep

so good night good bless, who ever you are, know that i see you on tonight’s golden star.

(c) Ed Simkins