Your Comments…

Bonellie Beauty In General Love your posts 🙂 x

Flavia In General I want you to know that following you is my pleasure!

Jasmine In General You are so sweet! I do enjoy your posts 🙂

Urban Life In General I hope you keep on writing some fantastic poetry!

amandalyle1986 In General You have certainly put a smile on my face 🙂
“I love you.” Simply beautiful! 🙂

prospermind In General Your brain creates lovely treasures Ed! 😉
Love flows Wow… breathtaking poetry!!
A World Without Her. Here comes the wordsmith again! 😀

Kainat Azhar On Poet:…beautiful pieces. Your girl would be way too lucky to have you
“I love you.” This is so beautiful, Ed! 🙂
Naked Apparitions ‘An edible creature made from desire.’ This line so so so BEAUTIFULLLL! 🙂
Fallen Soldier These lines are way too beautiful. They show you are such a sensitive creature!! 🙂 🙂
The Day I Took A Life Heartbreakingly beautiful
Confusion Illusion Woah!!! 🙂 I am loving your work,
The Sleeping Field This is so painful yet beautiful!!

Tracie Kirby
missing you Sad, moving and thought provoking
dreams upon a wall One of your most beautiful
I look at your face Another triumph xx
A World Without Her. Very moving
when the rain falls inside powerful
when I saw your face brilliant but very dark overtones
Fallen Soldier Sad and beautiful

michnavs In General  am getting hooked reading your poems
Dreams Upon A Wall  I love how love is described in your poem…However I also feel the longing in the poem….the pain
a simple letter… could feel the longing…here’s wishing you that wherever that girl maybe she gets to read it and as it brings joy in her heart…such a sweet gesture
you break me  ….I am in awe as how you vividly put into writing your feelings and thoughts…
A World Without Her  you have never failed to amuse me with your thoughts….no matter how negative…you have the gift of putting a little smile on the face of whoever reads it…
“I love you.”  it was beautiful….i can feel every single emotion there is…. i am always in awe hearing it from the point of view of a man…a man who seemed to be not mindful of whether the love is reciprocated or not. I hope you guys love this one in as much as i do

mrlumeh A World Without Her. Amazing writing

Charlotte Harding Valentine Still Sleeps Thoughtful…There are several different sides to your thoughts

Thom Stafford to you, most beautiful girl I thought it was fantastic

Yvonne McCabe A World Without Her. You do write some very lovely things

Afmai Unfocused Satisfaction A class apart

Donna Neale The Blissful Joy Of Watching You Sweet, funny, romantic and cute. Made me smile x

Thank you each for all of your incredibly kind & very positive thoughts, ideas, rebloggs & feedback. I have nothing but heartfelt appreciation & big hugs & smiles for all of you who read, enjoy, like or comment on my thoughts & rambles. Cheers!  I would gladly share a happy cake with you anytime!!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Your Comments…

  1. Respected Sir,

    Your poetry reminds me of my-husband-to-be. He doesn’t write, but I am too sure if he did, he would have written something similar as your beautiful pieces.

    Your girl would be way too lucky to have you as I am divinely blessed to have him.

    Much love and prayers from a far, far land.

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    • thank you kindly for your lovely thoughts! & ed, please! 🙂 ha, if only my dream knew i wrote for her, but then i bet she would run to a far, far land! ha! 😛 🙂 agains thank you Kainat & good luck and many happy smiles with your -to-be! 🙂 🙂 x Best wishes and big smiles, Ed (aka, Respected Sir! 😛 🙂

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